The Photography Club at Parklands Photographic Studio & Location is a members only photography club, suitable for photographers of all abilities and experience.

The Photography Club aims to provide a friendly and supportive environment where by photographers can develop their skills and learn new photographic techniques amongst fellow enthusiasts. As a studio, we take great pride in having developed an environment in which all club members can create wonderful images without fear of abuse of negative criticism.


Photography Club session run for 2-3 hours and typically cost £30-£50 per person.

Each session involves models of varying experience working to different levels, and are tailored to a specific photographic genre, theme or technical aspect.

Tuition, guidance and advice is provided throughout the session, however no session is prescriptive. As such, photographers are encouraged to produce imagery that is distinct to their own individual styles. No 'acknowledgement' is required to be included in the image credits, other than if the photographer wishes to disclose that the image was captured at Parklands Photographic Location & Studio (which is obviously encouraged).

It should be noted that, to ensure all club members get value for money, numbers are limited for each session. If any particular session is oversubscribed however, we always endeavour to run a second session at an alternative time and/or on an alternative date.


In addition to the Photography Club sessions, Parklands Photographic Studio & Location also runs periodic 'Applied Photography' sessions.

These sessions, which are run as a series, look in depth at specific aspects of photography and are designed to include a greater 'teaching' element than normal Photography Club sessions.

However, this does not mean that these sessions aren't suitable for the novice photographer as each specific series is taught starting with the practical subjects basic foundations; and so, regardless of experience, these sessions are suitable for everyone.


Parklands Studio stages themed photoshoots which can be booked in at anytime in a particular month to suit a photographers schedule.

Each month there is a different theme, and sessions are ran on a one-to-one basis with full tuition provided.


Parklands Photographic Studio & Location values its Photography Club members. As such, members enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts, including:

  • Access to equipment, props and outfits that are not available to non-members.

  • 'Club Partner Bookings' whereby two club members may make an Independent or Model Tour Booking together, thereby splitting the booking fee between them. This provides an extremely eccomonical way of engaging in model photography. A 2 hour minimum booking is required.

  • The opportunity to join the 'Wedding & Events Team' and undertake paid photographic work.


Photography Club Members can join our private Facebook Group and WhatsApp 'Broadcast List' which provides details of photography club meets as well as an online communal home.